SAM’S STORY: Creating the perfect kitchen

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home and many homeowners choose to remodel that heart to make it their own.

According to the 2017 Houzz & Home Australia Survey, kitchens are the most renovated room in the house. And the most expensive, with average spends between $14 600 – $22 600, depending on the size of the space.

The Landon’s are working on building a beautiful new heart to their home as part of their overall renovation. It’s over half way completed and luckily the temperamental sub-tropical Brisbane weather hasn’t caused delays, with the whole renovation still on track.

When sitting down with the designer to plan their kitchen, the Landon’s were definitely not short of ideas.

As a former chef for 15 years, Sam knows his way around the kitchen. So does his wife, Bec who also loves to cook. They started out by thinking about what they use most in the kitchen and how.

It turns out Sam has also been playing detective (working in real estate has really paid off here!)

“I take ideas from every home I go into,” Sam tells us. “I have also asked a lot of my vendors what they love and don’t love about their kitchens.”

All this experience and information gathering has enabled the Landon’s to work out exactly what features their kitchen needs.

Even with all those great ideas though, there were still some hurdles to face. Trying to maximise cupboard and bench space was a priority.

“We actually have a very small area to work which was a challenge,” Sam admits. “We have had to go through a few different plans, but now its 60 per cent in we are really happy with taking the time to get the design right.”

This carefully planned out kitchen will even have a stainless steel bench top to remind Sam of his professional cooking days.

To find the fittings and fixtures they wanted at the best price the Landon’s shopped around, checking out Tradelink and Reece. They also sourced some pieces online, such as a particular sink from Appliances Online.

To turn their house into their dream home, the Landon’s have been working with local renovation experts Next Level Construction Queensland and Modern Living Constructions.

While the Landon’s aren’t cooking with gas just yet, the heart of their home is sure to be something special when its finished.