In the last financial year building approvals in Queensland for renovations, alterations and conversions hit a seven year high at $1.36 million, according to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

With the associated costs of buying a new home it seems more Queenslanders are deciding to renovate rather than relocate.

Among them is our own Sam Landon who is in the process of renovating his Everton Park home.

Sparing only the 3 bedrooms, bathroom and toilet, the Landon’s have gutted their 1970’s lowset brick house to expand the kitchen, living and entertainment spaces.

The Landon’s did consider buying a brand-new home in Mitchelton for the same cost as their existing house and renovations. However, they decided this still wouldn’t give them their dream home. They wanted their family home to be just right as they plan on being there for the next 20 years.

“We just kept coming back to the fact we have been saving for this for nearly ten years. We decided to renovate and get exactly what we want,” says Sam.

Not wanting to overcapitalise, the Landon’s were careful to do their homework.

“Some suburbs have a ceiling on what a home is worth and we were acutely aware of that when looking at recent sales data for the suburb of Everton Park,” Sam explains. “We didn’t want to fall into the trap of spending too much, then having a home that didn’t stack up compared to other homes in the suburb, if something unforeseen happened and we had to sell. Consequently, we scaled back a lot of items in the build.”

To do your pre-renovation research Sam recommends you check with an agent you trust to give you honest advice on recent sales in your suburb.

“Websites such as are a good source of basic information but there are many factors that influence values. For example, the price of a house can be impacted by its location within a particular suburb. As agents we go into so many homes a week doing appraisals and giving advice on renovations that an owner may want to do before a sale.”

Even for a real estate agent who knows houses and the market inside out renovating can pose challenges.

For the Landon’s, modifying their dream design to meet their budget was the trickiest part.

“As this is the first time we have done a substantial renovation there were a lot of things we didn’t know about the actual construction of the home. Hence we didn’t realise how the changes we wanted to make would impact the budget throughout the design phase.”

Sam says good communication with your renovation team is imperative to the process therefore it is important you have a team you trust and are comfortable with.

“Research designers and builders and go with who you feel is a good fit for you.”


Sam’s other renovation tips are:

  • Get three quotes for everything as prices vary a lot.
  • Ask your builder where they shop for items for their own renovations, you will get some amazing tips on where to buy good quality items at reasonable prices.
  • Get to know your tradies and look after them, they do a tough job in mud and heat!

If you want to talk to Sam about his renovation or yours to get insight into improving your property’s value, reach out by clicking the button below.

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