Moving house is always a stressful exercise. Add some bad weather into the equation and even the most seasoned movers can be pushed to the edge.

Of course, in a perfect world we would be able to pop our homes on our backs like snails and the weather wouldn’t matter!

However, we mere humans have to empty one residence of our worldy possessions, load them onto transport and empty them at the other end. All in the hope that nothing gets lost, broken or, in the event of bad weather, too soggy.

So when moving day is looming and so is an unfavourable weather forecast, here are some things to consider:

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In the days leading up to the move – keep an eye on the forecast. It’s better to be prepared for the worst than hope for the best! Here are some things you should do if the forecast is grim:

  1. Obviously, see if you can reschedule the move, however with settlement dates and ends of lease this is not always possible.
  2. Speak to your removalist about their wet-weather plans. They may have certain procedures or practices in place in the event of a wet move.
  3. Stock up on supplies that will help your wet move be easier and safer, including:
    • Plastic containers/boxes
    • Large garbage bags
    • Plastic wrap/tarps


Moving can be hazardous even in dry conditions, however rain can add a dangerous, slippery element.

  1. Make sure you are wearing safe, comfortable shoes or boots with good tread. Gloves will also help keep a good grip on items.
  2. Try to cover walkways with tarps or an alternative to keep them as dry as possible.
  3. Try to get vehicles as close to entrances as possible.
  4. Address any particularly dangerous slip hazards such as slick tiles, steep steps or large puddles. Non-slip mats would be ideal.


  1. Cardboard boxes are usually the moving receptacle of choice, however cardboard and moisture don’t mix. If you don’t have time (or money) to repack everything into weather-proof containers, at least put the most important items such as photos, precious books and other items that must not get wet into plastic lidded containers. These are easily obtained from discount stores or Bunnings.
  2. Water-proof cardboard boxes by wrapping them in plastic and secure well with tape.
  3. Large garbage bags make great weather protectors, especially for linen, cushions, soft toys and even clothes. To make a garbage bag a garment bags, simply put the bag over the items and poke the coat hangers through the bottom of the bag. Secure the necks of the coat hangers together with a rubber band.
  4.  Use tarps or plastic drop sheets to cover larger items and electrical goods.
  5. Ask your removalist if they have plastic wrap for large items such as mattresses and couches.
  6. Investigate insurance options in the unfortunate event that anything gets damaged.


With lots of people traipsing through the house you are leaving and the house you are going too, muddy boots can make a big mess. Here are some solutions:

  1. Allocate helpers “inside” or “outside” roles so people aren’t constantly coming in and out of the building.
  2. Lay down towels, mats or tarps to protect floors.
  3. Use a garage or front rooms for removalists to collect or deposit items that are easily able to be relocated.

Recently, Rachel and her family moved her mum into a smaller house. Unfortunately, they had a wet weather move but found setting up an ‘assembly line’ was a great way of keeping the mud outside and everybody safe.

“We had people putting things into the garage for the movers to load straight on to the truck to save them from coming in and out of the house,” she explains. “We did the same thing on the other end unloading, with people passing things out of the truck so no-one slipped on the ramps.”

The most important part of moving in the wet is that everyone stays safe. Good communication with your removalists and helpers is integral. Have a read of our other posts on moving to get more tips on packing and the best moving day game plan. 

And once it is all done and the sun comes out, you can enjoy the best part of moving – your new home!