LOCAL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: The Store of Requirement, Samford

As you drive up the hill to Samford, you are greeted by a sign that says “Samford Valley. Home of the Powerful Owl.” How fitting then that it also home to the new Harry Potter themed shop, The Store of Requirement.

Nestled behind the popular Flying Nun Café in the beautiful Samford Village, this new treasure has recently open. A veritable shrine to all things Harry Potter, if you or someone you know is a “Pothead” (a Harry Potter fan), then this place is paradise.

Superbly themed to capture all the magic of the Harry Potter franchise, stepping into The Store of Requirement is like stepping into a room at Hogwarts or even Diagon Alley.

Glass cabinets showcase wands, trophies and other iconic Harry Potter pieces such as potion jars and horcruxes . The walls are adorned with banners, scrolls and book cases. There are even letters addressed to The Cupboard Under The Stairs complete with the Hogwarts wax seal littering the floor.

All four houses of Hogwarts are strongly represented in The Store of Requirement and there is even a Sorting Hat that will allocate you to a house on entry. Be careful, if you are allocated to Slytherin, you may be banished to the Dark Room, an alcove at the back of the store dedicated to Dark Magic.

There are a wide selection of robes, scarves, socks and even wax seals in the famous houses of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin available. Perfect if you are looking for Book Week costumes or having a Potter themed party.

There is also an amazing range of Harry Potter themed stationery, games, puzzles, lego and jewellery. You can even buy your very own Firebolt or Quidditch set.

The most appealing thing about The Store of Requirement is the amazing attention to detail.

From the background music, to the wingback chairs, leather couches and gorgeous wall paper at the back of the store, this isn’t just a shop. This is an experience. 

Owner Sharon Hurley started out selling things online as a sideline to her not-so-regular job of being an ambo. She sourced goodies based on her own children’s interests and as the stockpiles of Harry Potter merchandise grew in her house the idea of a themed shop blossomed. However, finding the right space for her vision proved challenging.

…finding the space was really hard.  Most places are so plain with no personality, so when the shop at Samford popped up as available I just knew it was the right space… And we went from there… the space is so important to get the right atmosphere.

And The Store of Requirement isn’t the end of Sharon’s vision. She is already in the process of getting her very own Butter Beer recipe brewed with the view to serve it and other Harry themed goodies at birthday parties hosted in the magical Store. There is also talk of the Dark Room housing a vanishing cabinet for an escape room experience.

Watch this space!

The owner’s obvious passion for the world of Harry Potter is clear and it’s wonderful to have a such a great treasure in our district.

The Store of Requirement is located at 20 Station Street, Samford. Why not make a day trip out of it and visit the Samford Museum or the Samford Valley Markets at the same time?

The Store of Requirement is open from 10am, Wednesday – Sunday.

For more info check out their Facebook page.