A new year is upon us and most of us have packed up the Christmas decorations, however if your house is anything like mine, there are a lot of ‘extras’ still needing to find homes.

That’s because Christmas usually means gifts, and gifts means extra stuff. There are also the debris from vacations and the chaos of having kids home over the school holidays. Not to mention all the bits and pieces from school last year and the things that are getting prepped for heading back to school soon.

Starting the new year with a clean slate (read: clean house!) is a great way to set the tone for a productive and enjoyable year ahead.

So we’ve done a round of up ideas to help get your house ship shape for 2018.


The key to a happy, organised home is reducing the clutter but it can be a tall order for a busy household.

Here are some simple and effective decluttering methods to try:

KonMari Method – Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard of this Japanese decluttering method. It essentially involves considering each items in your home and whether it brings you joy.

Decluttering ‘bursts’ – Rather than setting yourself the overwhelming task of decluttering the entire house all in one go, this great concept only takes an hour at a time. More info here: Let go of 100 things in less than an hour

Swedish Death Cleaning – It sounds morbid but this is actually a very practical method of decluttering your life. It’s also called dostadning and you can read more about it here.

For many, personal items, photos and gifts from loved ones are the hardest to let go of. Here are some great tips on how to part with sentimental items.


Storing things is always challenging, especially when it comes to items we access frequently. Here are some ideas for storage in key areas of the home.

Kitchen – The heart of the home, kitchens are often filled to the brim. And they aren’t always as spacious as we’d like. Here are some innovate ways to make more space in your kitchen.

Bathroom – All the bottles, brushes and other bits can cause excess clutter in what’s usually the smallest room in the house. Check out these awesome storage ideas.

Bedroom – It should be a sanctuary but often it becomes a dumping ground for clothes, shoes, books and other miscellaneous items. Get organised and transform your boudoir with some of these great storage solutions. There are also great wardrobe hacks here.

School Bag Storage – School bags are always kicking about underfoot or never where you’d expect them. These school bag storage options are all Kmart hacks which makes them affordable as well as practical.

General Organisation

Command Centre – A great way to keep a busy household organised and on track this year is a command centre or launch pad. There are heaps of ways you can make this work in your home. Here are some ideas.

Paperwork – It is the bane of most of our lives. Paper comes in and piles up; bills, school notices, kids artwork, reminders, warranties and more. Here are some ideas for getting on top of it all.

Keep it clean – Don’t forget to also check out our spring cleaning tips to give your house a spruce up after everything is packed away and organised.

We hope these ideas give you some inspiration and wish you all a prosperous and organised 2018!

Start the year off knowing what your property is worth.

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